Significant events for the 2018 financial year

Engineering and Services Operating Segment

Acea Elabori

Laboratory activities

The Acea Elabori laboratory provides analytical services on different environmental matrices linked to the prescriptions of the reference laws.

In 2018, as part of the analytical activities carried out on water intended for human consumption, analytical services were performed on 13.334 samples and 451.365 analyses were carried out against the 420,011 analyses for 2017. With reference to the checks carried out for wastewater (sewage and treatment systems managed by Acea Group), 10,719 samples were analysed for a total of 179,197 analyses (8,595 samples and 215,377 analyses in 2017).

Engineering activities

Acea Elabori supplies engineering services to the companies in the Water Segment, in particular Acea Ato2 and Acea Ato5.

In recent years, the company has consolidated the development of engineering activities in other Energy Infrastructure and Environment Segments of Acea S.p.A. as well, with the design and direction of works for the valorisation of waste and the production of hydroelectric and thermoelectric energy and related “specialist and support” activities.

The direction of works also concerned archaeological excavations for the acquisition of the preventive authorisations needed during the planning of the works.

Research and innovation activities

Acea Elabori carries out Research and Innovation activities in the water, environment and energy segments and develops applied research projects for modelling, technological and digital innovation and optimisation of process management.

In 2018, following the water emergency that involved the city of Rome last year, the search for leaks continued. Indeed, the search for leaks in the city of Rome will continue, and a first phase has also been launched for the networks of the municipalities of the entire AATO2 area.

Lastly, it should be noted that Acea Elabori has collaborated with Acea - Open Innovation on market studies to search for innovations and start-ups to start experimental projects (together with universities and specialised companies) in order to apply innovative ideas to actual cases, together with the companies of the Group, as well as some collaborative initiatives in financed projects.


The main activity of the Company is the construction and renovation of works instrumental to the operation of the Integrated Water Service and in particular of water treatment plants – drinking and waste water – as well as design and engineering services related to the activities of plant construction.

In 2018 work continued on the construction contracts acquired on the market prior to the Company's entry into the Acea Group and at the same time the gradual implementation of works for the companies of the Group - specifically Acea Ato2.

Consistent with the process of concentrating on the core business of designing and building plants, the re-assignment of the remaining management activities and those of modest profitability throughout the territory was completed.