Operating figures, equity and financial results for the period

Environment Operating Segment


Operating figuresU.M.20182017Change% Change
WTE confermentkTon46645971.5 %
Conferment to CDR production plantkTon0000 %
Net Electrical Energy transferredGWh35535410.2 %
Waste coming into Orvieto plantskTon89100(11)(10.8%)
Waste Recovered/Disposed ofkTon565518489.2 %
of which     
Incoming waste composting plants, sludge and liquids disposed ofkt480438429.6 %
Slag and Ash produced by WTEkt868056.7 %
Operating results and financial position (€ million)31/12/201831/12/17Change% Change
Revenues173.9161.112.87.9 %
Costs108.396.711.712.1 %
EBITDA65.664.51.11.8 %
Operating profit/(loss) (EBIT)38.425.113.453.2 %
Average number of personnel36035551.4 %
Capex20.015.44.630.1 %
Net financial debt203.6195.38.34.2 %
Gross operating profit (EBITDA) (€ million)20182017Change% Change
Gross operating profit (EBITDA) ENVIRONMENT Area65.664.51.11.8 %
EBITDA GROUP933.2840.093.311.1 %
Percentage weight7.0 %7.7 %(0.6 p.p.) 

The Segment closed the financial year 2018 with an EBITDA level of € 65.6 million (+ 1.8%). This performance is mainly attributable to the improvement recorded by Acea Ambiente (+ € 2.1 million) due to both the greater transfers of waste and the greater quantities of electricity sold, and Iseco (+ € 0.3 million), offset in part by Acque Industriali (- € 1.0 million) following the ongoing regulatory uncertainty in the area of sludge recovery, and Aquaser (- € 0.4 million).

The average number of staff as at 31 December 2018 was 360, 5 more than the previous year. The growth is mainly attributable to Acea Ambiente.

The investments in the Segment amount to € 20.0 million, up by € 4.6 compared to the previous year, and refer mainly to the works to expand the Monterotondo Marittimo plant, the works carried out in the WTE plants in Terni and San Vittore, the works on the waste treatment plant and biogas production located in Orvieto and the purchase of industrial land near Chiusi.

The net financial debt of the Segment stands at € 203.6 million (+ €8.3 million). The increase is mainly due to the dynamics of the operating cash flow.