Significant events for the 2018 financial year

Overseas Operating Segment

The Overseas Operating Segment was affected by the reorganisation of investments in South America which gave Acea International S.A. a management and coordination role. With this in mind, the transfer of the shareholdings that Acea held in Acea Dominicana S.A. and Aguas de San Pedro to Acea International took place in 2017, to which is added the transfer of shareholdings that Acea held in Consorcio Agua Azul S.A in 2018.

The role of Acea International is increasingly directed to the execution of scouting and monitoring activities in Central and South America that have the purpose of presenting events of interest to various initiatives. It should be noted that during the month of July 2018, the management of the corrective maintenance of the water and sewerage system in the south area of Lima was awarded to Acea International.

Acea Dominicana and Consorcio Agua Azul (CAA) are also included in this area.

The former carries out commercial management service in the northeast part of Santo Domingo, while the latter has built and manages the water supply system in the northern part of Lima.