Resolutions regarding the result for the year and the distribution to shareholders

Dear Shareholders,

In inviting you to approve the financial statements we are submitting to you, we propose to allocate the profit for the year ended 31 December 2018, equal to € 147,776,210.95, as follows:

  • € 7,388,810.55, equal to 5% of profit, to the legal reserve,
  • € 140,281,618,62 to shareholders, corresponding to a unit dividend of € 0.66,
  • € 105,781.78 for retained earnings.

The Board also resolved to distribute part of the retained earnings reserve for € 10,627,395.35 to the shareholders, corresponding to a unit dividend of € 0.050.

The total dividend (coupon no. 20) of € 150,909,013.97, equal to € 0.71 per share, will be paid starting from 26 June 2019 with coupon detachment on 24 June and record date 25 June.


On the date of approval of the financial statements, treasury shares amounted to no. 416,993.


Acea S.p.A.

The Board of Directors